FlowSafe is where you are, keeping you safe while you keep up the momentum. We boast nearly three decades’ experience as specialists in road transportation products for the safe handling and movement of dry bulk commodities, powders, liquids and gasses. The company is the exclusive Southern African agent of the world-leading Gardner Denver range of transportation products.

For FlowSafe, being a supplier is only one aspect of the process. Therefore, the company insists on managing the entire chain from import and supply to installation, maintenance and repair. Clients are not only buying a product from us, they are also entering into a long-term relationship built on service, quality and trust. Clients can focus on keeping up the momentum, safe in the knowledge that FlowSafe is there to back them up wherever they are.

Solutions are key to the FlowSafe philosophy. This extends further than providing original, world-leading products and includes targeted support for each individual client. FlowSafe offers a complete solution with a strong emphasis on service. This is why we can confidently say where you are – whatever, whenever, wherever. The service is client-centric, which is why a long-term business relationship with each client is so important to us. Knowing a client’s business, their unique circumstances and requirements is at the heart of our focus.

FlowSafe’s service guarantee stems from long-standing relationships with reputable national and international partners. As a result, the company’s products and services serve as benchmark for the competition. We provide clients with the benefit of being associated with an industry leader – not only can clients build on FlowSafe and its partners’ reputation but they are also assured of a company that continuously researches, develops and adapts in order to meet the demands of the market.

For us, there is no compromise on quality and no margin for error. A superior product requires superior service in order to be utilised to its full potential. Not only are we committed to upholding the reputation of its international partners, we also strive to build on our reputation to provide genuine, solid back-up to an industry where the wheels simply have to keep on turning. Streamlined processes, tried, tested and tailored for individual clients are the result of first-hand, hard-gained experience.

Having FlowSafe as a safe pair of hands to back up our clients is not a luxury but a necessity. For optimum functioning, for keeping up momentum and keeping the wheels turning, FlowSafe has to be part of a client’s supply chain and a key partner in their operational processes. Our unique client-based service model means that we provide a one-stop service but without a one-size-fits-all approachWhere you are is where FlowSafe is for you, whatever the size, purpose, requirements or challenges of your company.

FlowSafe’s confidence stems from in-depth product knowledge combined with hands-on experience in the Southern African transportation industry.

FlowSafe is a safety net that is where YOU are.